The human side of trading.

At Invaxa, our people are at the core of our brand. Making things happen for you is more than just complying with the rules. It’s about listening, supporting and making our traders’ experience as transparent and human as possible.  

Founded in 2022, Invaxa is focused on offering cutting-edge technologies to ensure an end-to-end experience for all our traders. We lead with openness and are transparent about our fees and trading conditions. . Our aim is to ease the process of trading and make it accessible for everyone. 
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“We are the broker built around you.


Our mission is to build relationships.

We want to be known for the broker you can talk to and remembered for the client-centred operation we offer. We take pride in our superior customer service and strive to meet the most demanding requests. We don’t only aim to fulfill traditional traders’ needs but are here as the new age broker to embrace and guide all types of traders. 


Our vision involves not just Invaxa as a brand, but its people.

Combined with a fresh approach and solution-based mindset, we aim to be our traders’ champion. We want to grow to become the most customer-centric broker in the industry and lead the way to changing the perception of trading for the better. We want to shape how the industry evolves, breaking down the barriers between faceless corporations and its customers. We want to make trading simple and accessible for everyone and offer all types of assets, from fx to commodities and indices trading. 

Our core values

Transparency & Openness
Ease of Communication
Superior Support

We’re here for you!

Still have questions? Our support team is available 24/5.