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Indices represent a basket of companies allowing you to trade them at the fraction of the cost of individual stocks. At Invaxa, we offer 10+ indices from across the world, including the most popularly traded indices in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. Make the most of rising and falling markets with index CFDs and leverage of up to 1:100. Not sure how to start? Talk to us. We are always here to listen, support and guide you. Your interests always come first at Invaxa. We offer indices, that offers powerful features and trading signals.
CFD trading involves significant risk of loss.
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Trading Conditions and Specifications

A quick look on the specs you need to know when trading indices with us.

Symbol Description Country Size of 1 lot Currency Average Spread
STOXX50 EU Stocks 50 - Spot Index EU 1 EUR 1.45
DE40 Germany 40 - Spot Index Germany 1 EUR 0.60
ASX200 Australia S&P 200 - Spot Index Australia 1 AUD 1.5
JP225 Japan 225 Spot Index Japan 10 JPY 7.10
UK100 UK 100 - Spot Index Great Britain 1 GBP 0.80
US30 US Wall Street 30 - Spot Index United States 1 USD 1.72
US500 US SPX 500 - Spot Index United States 1 USD 0.38
USTEC US Tech - Spot Index United States 1 USD 0.75
F40 France 40 - Spot Index France 1 EUR 1.00
SWI20 Switzerland 20 - Spot Index Switzerland 1 CHF 3.92
ESP35 Spain 35 - Spot Index Spain 1 EUR 5.97
N25 Netherlands 25 - Spot Index Netherlands 1 EUR 0.22
HK50 Hong Kong 50 - Spot Index Hong Kong 1 HKD 9.63

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CFD trading involves significant risk of loss.

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CFD trading involves significant risk of loss.

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